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This site is dedicated to my loving wife "Maheanuu Vahine" or by the European version of Irene Tetuanuihaamarurai Hapaitahaa Jackson. Try putting that on a Drivers License. We may be An Ocean Apart, but we're only a heartbeat and a thought away. My petite family, a daughter Ludwiane Jackson "Fanny", my son in law Yannick Tamahahe and my grandson Vaihi Tamahahe. I love you all and am so very proud of you. I am honored by your love, loyalty and never ending loving thoughts... My son Jordy has grown up and has a family of his own, lives and works in the big city (Papeete). I love and am so very proud of you and what you are doing, you honor me with your gentleness and kindness.. I love you with all my heart.

French National (Naturalized)
Citizen of Oregon and Raiatea

I love: Big Game Fishing
Fine Woodworking (miniature and turnings)
Computers, Networking, Internet,
Picnicing with my family, Fishing, Fishing, and More Fishing
OOPS------- Almost forgot------ Photography with my Nikon D70, and D200... Awsome tools for a very amature photog...
( My Minolta Dimage7i has been retired as it was very slow on
captures, but will be useful for the family to learn on). It was good
at the time but both I and progress have moved on..
I still carry a film camera as a backup, but sure
am in love with my "numerique".

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